AGA heat problems

Trial of ADERCO 5000 heating oil additiveTraditional Aga Range Coooker



Following problems over 2 year or so with our AGA not getting close to its optimum temperature, no matter how high the control setting and having problems when relighting - including filling the house with fumes; I searched the internet for AGA lighting problems. I found that all had become a major issue since 2008, due to an EU oil specification change, causing 2 related issues. Coincidently and given oil stocks at oil companies and our tank, these problems became our problems about the time we joined the Oil Purchase Group and I had wondered if the new suppliers were delivering lower grade oil.

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Heating Oil Purchase Group

(Allerton Villages Environmental Group)

oil Tanks

The Allerton Environmental Group has formed a bulk heating oil purchase group, which is linked into the Badgworth Oil Purchase Group. The Badgworth co-ordinator monitors oil prices and organises the group purchase to be made and negotiates the group purchase price.

The Allerton Co-ordinator circulates, by email, to the membership of the Allerton Group, when an order is being planned. Each member then places their order by return email to the Allerton Co-ordinator and once the order is placed will indicate the price and may be able to give an indication of likely delivery period.

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