Allerton Old Schoolroom

General Information

Old Schoolroom

The Old Schoolroom, situated in Stone Allerton, is available for hire. The building is run as Registered Charity to provide a “village meeting place”.

A Management Committee, which is elected annually from organisations and users of the Schoolroom, looks after the day to day running. The operation is purely funded by income from bookings, fund raising activities and donations.

The current office bearers of the Management committee are:-

Chairman     Andrew Midgley  01934 712642
Secretary     Roger Fielder  01934 712808
Treasurer      Paul Hortop  01934 244150

Booking Secretary     Vanda Raeside  01934 712558

The facilities include

•    Single open room with a supply of stacking chairs and tables
•    Single unisex toilet with hand washing facilities
•    Small kitchen with kettles, microwave oven and a sink with hot and cold water.  This is for the provision of refreshments prepared off site and brought in.
•    Entrance hall, complete with a real blackboard and easel, which houses a notice board provided by the Parish Council as a “PIP” (Parish information point)