About The Allertons

Ashton Windmill

Covering Chapel Allerton, Stone Allerton and Ashton: here you will find information about our community.

This website is intended to be a resource for residents and visitors and anyone else who has an interest in the Allertons.

Please us the menus to find out more about the Allertons.


(Or who does what)

  • Web Master and web designer: Cherry Mulliss of Motley Penguin Web Design
  • Alison Buckton: Secretary, fundraising / events organiser and many other indispensable duties
  • Ros Prince: Treasurer
  • Samantha Peake: Parish council updates and information
  • Philip Bevan: Church updates and information. Also adding most of the Events Calendar entries!
  • Elizabeth Friend: Local History and WI, also adding items to the events calendar.
  • Chris Mulliss: Neighbourhood Watch updates

We welcome new contributors to the website: its good to share the work :) If you are responsible for a local club or organisation and would like to make your own updates then please do contact us.