Fraud Alert

There has been a spate of incidents where victims have been contacted by telephone by unknown persons purporting to be police officers.  The victims are given various stories but essentially they are being asked to either provide bank details, or to obtain cash from their bank.  In particular this cash is then being collected by taxi drivers and ferried to London.

One incident that occurred recently in Somerset came to light because the taxi driver was suspicious about the package he was asked to collect and take to London.  He opened the package to find several thousand pounds in cash and immediately called the police.

Police wish to emphasise that they would never contact people by telephone and ask for their bank details, or for them to take cash from their bank.  Likewise organisations such as banks, utilities etc would never ask for such information.

Please remind members that they should never give any personal details to strangers over the phone, by Email/internet or at the door.  It is important that vulnerable members of our communities are reminded of this.

If you have any suspicions surrounding matters of his type of incident please ensure that you contact the police straight away on the 101 number, or if you think it is an emergency situation, call 999.