Allerton Church

Allerton is in the Isle of Wedmore Benefice with the parishes of Wedmore, Blackford and Theale. The church is at the centre of village life in the Allerton villages.



Parish Priest: The Reverend Richard Neill 01934 713566

Curate: Sam Healey 07561 697391

Matthew Paul - 01934-712934
Jane Midgley 01934 712642

PCC Secretary: Johnny Torrens-Spence 01934 710188
Reader: Mike Gelder 01934 710573


Every Sunday at 9 a.m.
Family Services once a month
The Quest Club for young people meets regularly.

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Church History

Allerton ChurchA church has stood at Chapel Allerton at least since 1176 and would have been smaller than the present building with a simple nave with narrow windows and no aisle or chancel. At some stage in the fifteenth century a chancel was added but then little was altered until 1638 when a major restoration took place with larger windows in the nave.

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Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday 2017

Creation Tapestry

(South Door Hanging)

creation tapestry

'In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth’

I have spent the last ten years or so, looking at two curtain pole brackets above the drafty south door in the Chancel and decided I would like to co-ordinate the task of creating a door curtain to hang over it.

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