Church History

Allerton ChurchA church has stood at Chapel Allerton at least since 1176 and would have been smaller than the present building with a simple nave with narrow windows and no aisle or chancel. At some stage in the fifteenth century a chancel was added but then little was altered until 1638 when a major restoration took place with larger windows in the nave.

In 1859 the then rector, the Reverend James Coleman supervised a virtual rebuild of the church which was clearly in a bad state of repair. In the rebuild the church was stripped bare and it is then that the aisle and vestry were added. Only a few traces of the old church remain visible, though a twelfth century window can be found in the South wall.

Today the church is little changed from the rebuild 150 years ago, though a kitchen and toilet were added as a millennium project. Fabric repairs have ensured the church is well maintained and loved.