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Recently we have received a number of enquiries from people doing research into specific families who lived in Allerton, and this prompted me to do some record searching of my own, specifically on Church records & registers relating to burials.

The earliest English Parish Registers date from 1538 and are quite rare. A start date in the 1650's can usually be expected (or even later). At first baptisms, marriages and burials would be found in the same book, though usually separated out. Until 1732 these could also be written in Latin, although this was not usually the case.

From 1598 an annual return was made to the Bishop of a copy of all entries from the Parish Register for that year to about Easter or Lady Day. Some are less good than the originals and some more so.

Many historic records are held at the Somerset Heritage Centre at Norton Fitzwarren, Nr. Taunton, but some can be found on line and the Church in Allerton holds more recent registers. Go to Somerset Online Parish Clerks Genealogy for early records.

For Chapel Allerton Church burial records it looks as though the earliest in the Bishops Transcripts are from 1609 to 1680 while Parish Church Burial Registers are in three books from 1707 through to 2015

For anyone interested I have captured all the entries into a single Excel spreadsheet which I am happy to send to anyone who is interested, and is also available for download here: ChapelAllertonBurialRecords.xls.

Each entry attempts to record these details, but there are naturally many omissions in earlier years.

  • Full names of the deceased
  • Their abode
  • Date of birth
  • Date of Death
  • Age at Death
  • Date of Burial
  • Details of burial locations with cross references to the Churchyard plan
  • Details of family relationships and precise residency in the Parish or outside.

The spreadsheet contains details of 1,180 names and for interest some of the most frequent family names recorded are Clapp (68) – Ham (64) – King (44) – Watts (38) Dean (25) – Petherham (24) - Nuttycombe (22) – Cook (19) – Wall (16) & Banwell (16).

If you are personally interested in receiving a copy of this spreadsheet or asking questions about the contents please contact Philip Bevan Tel: 01934 713929 or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Philip Bevan January 2015