Historic Families of the Allertons

Caple Family: Stone Allerton 1900s

Researcher: Patricia of Liverpool
Descendant of:
Joseph Caple, eldest son of Joseph Caple (snr) and his 3rd wife Georgina (Rosina) Ham, settled in Liverpool.


Joseph Caple (b:1859) and Georgina Ham (married in 1906, registered in Axbridge District) and lived in Rose Villa Stone Allerton in the first half of 1900s. Caples lived in the Rose Villa up to the 1960s, the last member of the family living there was Sam Caple, probably a son of Joseph. Rose Villa was subsequently renamed Wedgewood House and then New Tyning, Stone Allerton.

King Family

Researcher: Peter of Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia
Descendant of:
Vowles, King, Durston and Daunton, who lived in the Allertons and the surrounds in the 19th Centuary.

The King family seem to have been fairly large around the AXBRIDGE registration area
The following graves of Peter's family (King) are in the churchyard at Chapel Allerton.

Ann King died December 31 1825, aged 72.
John King died May 12 1839, aged 77.

Their Children:
Sarah, wife of William Watts and daughter of John & Ann King died 11 April 1836 aged 39.
James son of John & Ann King who died 17 December 1850, Aged 60.
Pamela, wife of James King died 30 June 1874, aged 60.

Annie Vowles great granddaughter of James and Pamela King was one of 4 sisters.

Edgar James King who died 14 October 1878 aged 13
Ann, wife of James King, died 4 May 1896 aged 65
James King died 7 February 1917 aged 77.