Mail From The US: Teeks & Ducketts

We were delighted to receive this:

Teek Plaque"I have just been browsing your local web pages and was delighted to see the pictures of Allerton church and all the lovely floral arrangements.


Although I have not attended many services there, I was christened there and my mother and her family were regular attendees when she was growing up at Manor Farm.

There is a small brass plaque in front of the first pew on the left hand side of the church. That is dedicated to the memory of her brother and my uncle, Herbert Teek. He emigrated to Australia when he was only 19 and sadly drowned in a creek when the horse he was riding stumbled and fell. (It must be well over a hundred years ago that he emigrated to Australia.)

Of course in those days it would have been impossible for him to be returned to be buried in Allerton churchyard and I do not know what part of Australia he was in.

David, Anne's husband had always expressed a wish to go to Australia to find his grave but this never materialized."

Ruth Thanvi from Florida