Visiting Sculptor

Who spends time in the Allertons?

A few years ago and unknown to many, Chapel Allerton played host to the world renown sculptor Sir Anthony Caro, whilst he was working on part of a major creative project 'Le Chœur de Lumière' (The Chapel of Light) at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church in Bourbourg near Dunkirk. The Church was badly damaged in May 1940 by both German artillery and by burning fuel from a German fighter plane, whilst driving the British Expeditionary Force back to the beaches of Dunkirk. The Church was restored post war, except for the beautiful Gothic Choir which remained closed off. In 1997 a decision was taken to restore the choir and subsequently commissioned Sir Anthony Caro to  produce the installation project.

The whole project took 9 years to complete with the inauguration on 11 October 2008. Sir Anthony Caro stayed in Chapel Allerton and worked with a craftsman here to produce 2 of the structures. The whole installation was designed around the new pavement of the restored choir and leads the visitor to follow the light around the sculptures.

Information and pictures provided by Edith Bettley

The full Le Chœur de Lumière can be viewed at